We have lectures on Monday and Wednesdays from 2:30-4 PM in 200 Broad. Attendance is mandatory. We will be having discussions and doing exercises together during lecture, so it is important that you be there. I understand that you may miss a lecture from time to time, for graduate school visits, etc., but I ask that you make every effort to come to class. If you are concerned that you may out of necessity miss too many lectures, please talk with me and we can try to work out arrangements.

Lectures are a very important time for me to interface with you. As we have discussions in lecture, we both learn, and I get a good idea of how you are doing with the material. I therefore often find it distracting when students use laptops in lecture. Nonetheless, I do not what to take away your preferred method of note-taking, if that is the case, so laptops are allowed in lecture. I do ask that you use laptops and tablets strictly for note-taking purposes. Cell phones must be completely silenced and put away.

One percent of your final grade will be deducted for each lecture you miss that you have not cleared with me first.

Lectures may not be recorded without my permission. If you miss a lecture, I invite you to discuss what you have missed with a classmate, your TAs, or with me.

I also strongly recommend you attend my and/or the TA office hours.


Homework will be assigned roughly weekly, typically assigned and due on Wednesdays. Homework assignments are posted on the website. The homeworks will not always have "right answers," but are always aimed at making you think about the central concepts of the course. Following are homework policies.

Final exam

We will tentatively have an oral final exam. The format will be similar to qualifiying exams adminstered in many graduate programs. You will be given a small set of problems to work on for one hour, and then you will immediately present your solutions over a half hour to me and one of the TAs.


Your grade in the course is based on homework (at least 70%), the final exam (at most 30%), and any deductions from missed lectures. The homeworks are all worth roughly the same number of points, but there may be some variation.

Course communications

Please use the class Piazza page for questions course topics and homework. I encourage you to make your questions public so that everyone can benefit. Most of our mass communication with you will be through Piazza, so be sure to set your Piazza account to give you email alerts if necessary.