APH 161


Homework assignments will be available for download here once they are posted.

HW1 | HW1 solutions (due 01/15)

HW2 | HW2 solutions (due 01/22)

HW3 | HW3 solutions (due 01/29)

HW4 | HW4 solutions (due 02/12)

HW5 | HW5 solutions (due 02/19)

HW6 | HW6 solutions (due 02/26)

HW7 | HW7 solutions (due 03/12)

HW8 | HW8 solutions (due 03/19)


Homework policies

General homework policies:

Reference policy: You may not refer to homework problems from previous editions of this course. You also may not refer to solutions manuals, etc., for problems assigned from textbooks. In general, "homework by Google" is ill-advised. Slogging through a tough problem is often the best way to learn a concept, which is the whole point of the homework.

Late policy: No late homeworks will be accepted after the due date and time unless you have a note from someone like a doctor or dean. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Collaboration policy: You are encouraged to discuss the homework with your classmates, but your explanations and derivations must be your own.