APH 161

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Contemporary research in cell biology increasingly relies on physical concepts. Quantitative measurements, and models to design and interpret them, are essential as we build our understanding of phenomena such as cytoskeletal mechanics, functioning of ion channels, packaging and replication of nucleic acids, pattern formation, biochemical regulation, membrane structure and dynamics, and cellular motility, to name just a few of many. Despite the diversity of these phenomena, they can be well-described with just a few governing physical principles. This course introduces these principles and applies them to quantitatively model exciting case studies in cellular structure and dynamics.

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03/12/2014: HW8 is now due by 5pm on Wed., March 19.

02/26/2014: HW7 and HW8 will both be distributed at the end of this week. HW7 is due Wed., March 12. HW8 is due Fri., March 14.

02/03/2014: There is a slight change to the syllabus.

01/29/2014: Homework 4 is now due at the start of class on February 12. This homework is on the longer side, so be sure to start early!

01/20/2014: Rob Phillips is giving a talk at 11:30am tomorrow (01/21) in 100 Broad. He will talk about topics we will discuss in the coming weeks. I strongly encourage you to attend!

01/16/2014: During office hours tomorrow (Friday, January 17), we will likely go over some of the numerical techniques useful for working on homework 2. Therefore, you should bring your laptops. It will help to have Enthought Canopy (or Python with iPython, NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib) installed and functioning and to have downloaded the tutorial on using NumPy/SciPy to solve ODEs.

01/13/2014: Because we have a make-up lecture on Friday, January 17, office hours are moved to 2:30-4pm that day in 100 Broad.

01/13/2014: The handouts page of the course website now has links to all the papers mentioned in lecture.

01/06/2014: Monday, February 17, is Presidents' Day, an Institute holiday. We will have a make-up class on Friday, February 14. The course schedule has changed slightly to reflect this.

01/06/2014: There is now a Handounts section to the course website where you can download materials for the class beyond the articles and reading assignments. This includes images and movies shown in lecture.

12/27/2013: The first day of class is Monday, January 6, 2014. We will meet at 1-2:30 pm in Broad 100.

12/27/2013: There will be no lecture on Monday, January 20, 2014, in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. We will therefore have a make-up lecture on Friday, January 17, 1-2:30 pm, in 100 Broad.


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